Xiaomi MI3 Specs: Get Ready to be Enthrilled With All New Xiaomi Mi Phone

A 5 inch display smartphone with a high-resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, high-resolution camera with LED flash, dual SIM card support (both WCDMA as well as GSM), quad-core processor and so much more, all in the palm of your hands! Yes it has finally come true only with the Xiaomi mi3 at an unbelievable  convenient price.

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However as per the Xiaomi mi3 specs, the phone also has lots more to offer. The ultra slim model with the striking finishing with the AGC Dragontrail Scratch Resistant Glass has a lot many features that stand out.

Incredible Performance!

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With 2.3 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor of 800 and an Adreno 330 GPU, nothing but prompt conduct and performance can be expected from this ultimate phone, Xiaomi mi3 Specs. Indulge in the best 3D gaming ambience and have fun with the best of shows without any glitch. The impeccable High Definition visual display owes it to the phone’s image processor Adreno 330. Alongwith it xiaomi mi3 specs also includes a backlit display that consequently reduces the distance between the actual screen and the touch panel thus making colours look alive.

Wow Display:

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Honest clarity can be relished with the 1920×1080 pixels display upto 440ppi density. This makes even the tiniest fine prints legible on your phone screen. More Xiaomi mi3 specs include, the In-Plane technology of Switching which is available in the phone in-built system aids in delivering astonishing hues from any angle of view.

A Camera that you’ll love

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Xiaomi mi3 Specs also tell you about the 28mm wide-angle lens, 13 megapixels rear camera and a 1.4um sensor. Pictures can now get clearer than real life. So just be ready to aim, pose and click stunning selfies with the extensively endowed 2 Megapixels front camera with 30mm wide view. With a battery of 2000mAh, you will forget your charger.

Standard Storage:

The phone storage itself comes in a good 16GB pack of flash memory to help you keep your phone loaded with various applications, games, music, movies, e-books and the likes. Also the phone supports an extended storage capacity up to 64GB. The phone comes with a dual SIM set up. One slot is for WCDMA to access 3G data and the other for GSM with access to 2G data. Apart from this the Xiaomi mi3 Specs utilizes the same technology for sound as present in BMW, Bentley as well as Rolls Royce, describing classy in every way.

Android Operating System:

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The operating system is that of 4.3 Android Jelly Bean and is linked with Mi’s interface that stands unique and makes one of the crucial factor in xiaomi mi3 specs. The phones Mi is integrated with an Online Cloud storage system that is extra-large.

Connectivity (wire and wireless):

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You will be also provided with a USB connector. The connectivity sphere also expands to wireless zones of Wi-Fi along with its Bluetooth feature of 4.0.


The phone is packed with proximity (nearness) sensors that predicts objects around you, an accelerometer that keeps a track of every movement, a gyroscope detecting the orientation of the phone and added earphones which conducts noise reduction and decreases surrounding sounds. With all these features, the phone comes with a built-in GPS navigation system. It is Extremely light with a weight of 145 gms only and additional features of Flash Player, OTG Support, WLAN Support, and Virtual Keyboard of Qwerty type and stuffed with ample applications, the Xiaomi mi3 Specs will convince you to buy the phone.


Top Games October: Most Popular Games of October 2014

If you are a gamer on the go, then for sure android games were specially designed for you. And why not? It turns out that life has become less stressful with the numerous options of games that we can get hold of just through this ground-breaking processor at the tip of our fingers. Quite figuring it out, here are the top games for October, that might take a bit of your precious time away.

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Enjoy Life With Top Games October:

However often so many options leads to confusion. But worry not. In order to keep you out of this dilemma below are mentioned top games October which has provided users a different level of android gaming experience. These listing are totally based on your votes only, in playstore.

Red Bull Air Race:

This one of the best and so find a place in top games October, named as Red Bull Air Race, it will give you an adrenaline rush. The best part is that the game is set in various foreign locations and you get to have the driving experience of actual racing air-planes. It can easily be called the fastest motorsport game you will ever get anywhere. This game will keep you engaged with it’s over 200 races, and gives you an option to show off your stunts and flying ability. It also boasts a photo mode where you can click a picture of your plane with its background while playing.

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Play Store: Red Bull Air Race

Beach Buggy Racing:

Although, this is also a racing game but for the extreme racing experience, it is a must try. The first thing which will capture your attention is its amazing graphics and color effect. The shadow casting style is refined to give you the real feel and so is listed second in top games October list. You will also have the option of playing 6 different game modes with 12 3D race tracks. The game does not limit you with just the kart, as you can upgrade your garage with rovers, muscle cars and monster trucks. With this super exciting game, you can make your own team, play multiplayer with split screen up to four players and also back up your game with google game play cloud.

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Play Store: Beach Buggy Racing

The Dark Knight Rises:

A great treat for batman fans, but this game by Gameloft is actually worth being in the top games October list. Being one of the most happening and the top games of October, Bruce returns after eight years only to be welcomed by Bane along with Selina Kyle. This game actually gives you a complete superhero feel as yohttp://androiddelta.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpu face bomb squad, hostage situations, jailbreaks and many more. You need to unlock new upgrades and moves by crossing levels and scanning the city.

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Play Store: The Dark Knight Rises

Kill Shot:

As the name suggests Kill Shot is a simulation genre game. It is a high velocity game play with 3D graphics, bullet cam kill shot clip, 12 maps, 20 different weapons to collect and not to forget the stunning graphics and sound effects. The main thing about the game is its uniqueness that earns itself a place in top games October.

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Play Store: Kill Shot

The Battle Cats:

Last but not the least in the list of top games October, this is a casual game by Ponos. It deserves a rank to be listed as one of the top games of October, due to its gameplay which is quite interesting. This game is absolutely for one and all, as you can fight alone with all cats or raise an army of your own and your mission will be to destroy your opponent’s fort. Sounds a bit kiddish but is a treat to play.


Play Store: The Battle Cats

All the games mentioned above are par excellence. They will provide you with an awesome experience irrespective of your age. Each of these top games of October will make you enjoy each and every moment, so pick up your Android device and Go Gaming.


Top Apps Of October: Enjoy Life With The Top Apps Of October Month

With gadgets in your hand you don’t need to worry about anything, as any information or any app you want is available in play stores. Be it a music app, sketch app, alarm app, games app, weather app or your mobile saver app. There is always a top list of them all; well here are some of the top apps of October month which are worth a try.

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Top Apps Of October:

There are so many apps which touched the skies with their performance and topped the charts in play store previous month. The top apps of October 2014 were:

Autodesk Sketchbook:

This sketch book is handy and a perfect professionalized version for the artists. With this you can easily adjust with your screen size, automatically. Like its desktop version there are many benefits os using it in mobile version as well, be it mixing or blending colors while painting etc. This version is a customised and redesigned one so as it gives wonderful features. You can also change your paint brush size and the density of colour to suit your needs. There were the main features that user’s loved allowed it to be a part of top apps of October list.

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Besides, if you are really into sketching and painting stuff like graphic designer, this Autodesk sketch book is the perfect app for you to download on your phone. You can make your phone your canvas and put down your skills in it. Just go to play store and click on Autodesk sketchbook. Undoubtedly this is one of the top apps of October.

Play Store Link: Autodesk Sketchbook


top-apps-of-october-brainwaveRead More: Top Photography Apps For Android That You Need to Try

If you really love listening to music and tired of changing songs by touching your phone screen then here is an app for you to indulge in. It is a new app which has been launched last month to match your requirements. Brainwave lets you handle everything with the gesture of your hand only. Just by swiping left or right you can change the song. And to pause your song you just have to press hold your screen. Well, this was quite amazing apps i guess; it’s the only reason why we have concluded it in top apps of October list. This app is absolutely free, so download it if you really are a music lover.

Play Store Link: Brainwave

Wear Battery Monitor Alpha:

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The app Wear Battery Monitor Alpha can be opened on your watch to get the percentage of the remaining battery of your phone. This app helps you in telling how your battery performance is, by syncing it only when you open this app. In the Google Play store it is available absolutely free. Get this top app of October and save your battery.

Play Store Link: Wear Battery Monitor Alpha

Skype Qik (Group Video Chat):


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As we are very much aware of Skype video calling. A new version of Skype has been launched which is called Skype Qik. It has a special feature where you can chat with a group of people together at same time. It has a feature where you can delete your messages you shared while video chat, which is deleted forever and if not then automatically it’s deleted in two weeks. Download this cool app from your play store for free and enjoy.

Play Store Link: Skype Qik

Djay 2:

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Are you a music lover and wants to be a DJ? Here it is, the awesome new app in Android for you. Djay 2 is that place where you can get features like auto mix, Phaser, Echo, Spotify integration, music library integration and many more. It supports looping and cue points. It supports all types of audio formats and Bluetooth devices too. It contains all the features that a DJ needs and it’s handy in your phone. This is one top app of October that must be got.

Play Store Link: Djay 2

Apart from these there are many other apps as well, but these has to be the top apps of October. Get one of these and enjoy life actually like never before.


Top Rooted Apps: Apps that You Must Try After Rooting Your Device

Google Play store has been seeing multiple kinds of applications and games each and every moment. From the addictive games like Subway Surfers to the rooted applications, Google Play store has actually become a part and parcel of our daily lives.


Top Rooted Apps:

In this market, rooted apps have also constituted a distinct kind of significance. Rooted phone lets you run more and more apps. In case you don’t know about the best rooted apps herein is a short list.



This app is a must have for all the Android users. Being one of the best rooted apps, it lets you get the task control as well as automation. This itself can be used defining actions or even rules, as per convenience or your needs. This app definitely gives more power to the Android users.

Super User App-


This app provides easy root access to the present other apps, for those users requesting for it. This app has the efficiency of managing the overall root rights. It also shows a prompt in your screen whenever any other app tries in having the root access.

Juice Defender Ultimate-


This amazing power packed app has advanced functions. These functions help in controlling, checking as well as managing all the present features or the resources that are responsible for draining your device’s battery.



This one is yet another essential app that all Android users must avail of. By blocking all the irrelevant and unnecessary ads, your phone becomes really smooth.

Set CPU-


This app lets you to have complete control over the speed of your processor. Your phone’s performance as well as the battery usage can be considerably enhanced with the use of this app.

Wireless Tether-


This app is one that can be quite like a saviour for all those who eagerly look for hotspots and Wi Fi. It actually turns your respective phone into a good Wi Fi hotspot.

Xposed Framework-


This app gives you the power and the freedom of controlling the visual elements present in your screen with your own hands. From status bar items to notification panels, you can actually customize a lot.



This app lets you choose only those apps that would remain active, thereby letting them to stay like background processes, irrespective of the fact if they are constantly running or not.

Titanium Backup-


This app can be used as an effective back up option for most of the applications along with their respective settings and data. The back up can be done individually or they can also be scheduled.

Solid Explorer-


Powerful yet elegant along with a sleek UI, this app is one of the best thing that your Android device can actually get.

Enhance Your Device

Along with these, there are yet many more rooted apps that have been dominating the Google Play store. All these apps have been mainly developed to make your device more effective and more beneficial. So now when you know about the right apps, get yourself one and make your device more powerful.

Moto Droid Turbo: Get a Turbo-Life With Droid Turbo

Motorola has finally made an awesome comeback with its whole new exciting smartphones. The latest came to be droid turbo. The company had unveiled its presence from its temporary state of oblivion with Moto E, few months back. The following days simply saw the rising success of this company. Likewise to continue this mark of success, the company has finally unleashed another awesome mobile device that is named as Droid Turbo.


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One Phone to Do All!

Yes this is phone actually the one that combines the efficiency of the Android and the speed and velocity of the turbo, so the name droid turbo. This phone while including the Android 4.4 Kit Kat version promises to let you upgrade to the latest 5.0 version of Lollipop. The 3 GB RAM gives you the freedom and convenience of accessing all your apps in a smoother way. The phone also gives you a massive 32GB that definitely can be expanded to about 64 GB.

Get Life Captured With One Phone: Droid Turbo!

While this was about the memory specifications, Droid Turbo also includes attractive and stunning features for all the photo or selfie-holics. The phone offers an extraordinary and really sharp photos with its 21MP rear camera. Besides this, the droid turbo also includes other superb features like:


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• Geo-tagging.
• Face Detection.
• Touch Focus,
• Video of 2160p@24fps and 1080p@30fps.
• Dual LED flash with Panaroma.

Barring these features of the rear camera, the Droid Turbo also includes a decent secondary camera with 2 MP as well as 1080p quality. Basically the photos that you will be clicking with either of the camera will definitely be dazzling with life.


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In case you are sceptical with respect to the phone size, then Droid turbo offers 5.2 inches display that definitely won’t let you down. Adding to that, the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects your phone from any unwanted scratches. The entire display itself is bound to impress you. At least in terms of the display, the phone includes both sturdy yet thrilling performance, which can be quite tough from phones of other companies.

When Efficiency Meets Speed:

For making Droid Turbo more effective, Moto and Google have added the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 as it’s chipset along with a Quad Core 2.7 GHz. The phone also includes other important sensors that any smart phone should be including. Sensors like accelerometer, proximity, compass and gyro have been included for making this phone more efficient.


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Droid Turbo is undoubtedly a smart phone, a unique one though. Unlike the other companies, Motorola has included the fast-charging option. In about only 30 minutes, you can actually charge up to 60%. You can also have noise cancellation features and wireless charging. The Adreno 420 GPU adds more to the smoother and classy performance.


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In a nutshell, Droid Turbo would indeed be an excellent smart phone to have. With so many listed features along with many other more, you are bound to have more options, thereby increasing your scope to do more. This phone is all up for you. Grab one of them and get a smoother and “Turbo” life seriously like never before.

LG AKA – A True Eye Phone With Spooky Eyes From LG

Most smartphones looks somewhat similar and very blend, so to set itself in the race of new mid-range phones. LG is giving them some novice characters. LG is introducing the Aka line, which is a set of smartphones that come in a different colour and shades with a distinct digital character built into them. Yeah! I am talking about LG AKA, which is quite in buzz these days. There are four characters in LG AKA, and each of them has a different personality that LG is hoping will appeal its buyers, as they will see their big eyes blinking while the phone is idle in its case.

lg-aka-4starnewRead More: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features: Do you Note?

The Four Characters!

The four personalities that we talked about in LG AKA includes: a yellow phone named Eggy, who falls in love easily; a white phone named Wooky, it talks in slang; a blue phone named Soul which loves music and beer and lastly the pink phone YoYo, who happens to be the only female character LG Aka group and is named after her tendency to eat a lot of hamburgers and drink a lot of Coke, causing her weight to “yo-yo,” which is definitely not the best character trait that LG AKA could have given to its sole female character.

lg-aka-eyes-vendornewRead More: The Stylish New Moto X 2014 is now rolling

It also appears that the LG Aka comes with a matching case that covers up about three-quarters of the device, leaving just the top sliver exposed and left for the eyes as when it is in the case, the topmost part of the screen will remain switched on and animated eyes will appear on the screen which would be making it look like the character is looking all around. In LG AKA the characters live on, when you’re using the phone too. It has been reported that the characters have discover a back story about them saving the earth from aliens and thus you can buy more cases to introduce the other characters to your brand new LG Aka.

Features at a Glance!

Somewhat strange but building a digital character into a phone is still a very interesting idea, and it is easy to understand as to why LG AKA thinks this might connect with people. Many compare it to having a ‘Tamagotchi’, yet the LG Aka is definitely leaning on these quirks to stand out from the rest. Besides this, here are some key features of the device:

lg-aka-characters2new_002Read More: Nexus 6: Best Of Android From Google

  • A 5 Inch HD display with a resolution of 720p.
  • QuadCore Processor clocked at 1.2 GHz.
  • 16 GB of internal storage, which is enough for your apps to install.
  • Approximately 1.5 GB RAM.
  • Battery power of around 2610 mAH

The experts propose that it is using the laser focusing, which is found on the LG G3 too. This is a pretty solid addition to the feature, which might boost the sales of LG Aka. It’s going to be launched in South Korean market, although it is not yet clearly stated if it’ll be launching internationally at a huge level!

lg-aka-eyesnew_002Read More: Xiaomi Redmi Specs: An Android Device Ready to Stun the World

The LG aka is thus making a new way for the smartphones. It has created a novice and interactive way of looking at the smart phones! They are unique, friendly, and easy to use and help in a lot of way to decrease the fear of not using a smart phone, as the features are not at all complex and are thus very user-friendly!


Xiaomi Redmi Specs: An Android Device Ready to Stun the World

The international mobile devices market is one that witnesses each newer company each day. From reputed companies like Apple and Samsung to newer companies who are at the infancy stage like Xiaomi and Gionee, you can actually get any smartphone of any price and at any time of the year. Here we are to talk about Xiaomi Redmi Specs, which is the newest and the most spectacular phone in low budget from the brand. xiaomi-redmi-specs-thickness

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Xiaomi – A new leading name!

Among this jostled crowd, Xiaomi is a name that actually has survived, that too with pride. It’s newly released Xiaomi Redmi specs, pose a good challenge and a competition to the other rival companies. Let’s see some of the Xiaomi Redmi specs which make reasons for the high demand and supply of this phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Specs: A phone with all Features!

Released in July 2014, Xiaomi Redmi is actually a touchscreen phone which of course it has to be to be appealing to the market. It has dimensions of 137.00 x 69.00 x 9.90 mm. Coming in grey, this phone does have the calibre of stealing the show entirely all by own. In case you are quite worried about the screen size, here is actually a good news. As far as the Xiaomi Redmi specs are concerned, the phone has an awesome screen of 4.70 inches. The display has a sparkling and a dazzling resolution that of 720×1280 pixels along with having 312 pixels per inch resolution. Basically while holding this smartphone, you will be actually feeling quite proud.


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Xiaomi Redmi specs include a good deal of hardware specifications as well. The phone is loaded with 1.6GHz quad-core processor. Besides this it also has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which makes the phone work super fast. Adding to that the 1GB RAM makes the device work really smoothly. These Xiaomi Redmi specs are quite useful and are the ones that most of the people look for in an android device. For the internal storage, you can have an 8GB RAM which of course can be expandable up to a massive 64GB. This means you can keep loading your favourite games and apps and can actually enjoy them without any kind of restriction.


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For the photo-holics, the Xiaomi Redmi specs has really good news. For the rear or the main camera, you can have a crystal clear 8 MP with of course a flash. The secondary or the front camera has a decent 1.6 MP. With a big screen, the camera will thus be able to produce a real good and in fact true life-like photos.


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For the operating system, as per the Xiaomi Redmi specs, you are able to have the Android 4.3 version. The phone includes a Java support as well. Undoubtedly the phone also includes a Wi Fi since every good smartphone does. Besides that, the phone includes a dual SIM feature too. Apart from these the Xiaomi Redmi specs also features the phone with ambient light along with many other kinds of sensors as well.


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All in all, the Xiaomi Redmi specs actually includes everything that can make this phone really great. You can grab this phone either in real market or even in online stores. Either way you are bound to be satisfied with this super latest smartphone.